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Women Services in Toronto

Canada, especially Toronto in particular, is a place that is not only very multicultural also one that creates equal opportunity for women as well. To help newcomer women in finding resources that they can use to help themselves transition, there are many women-based programs and initiatives in the city and many settlement agencies and community centres. These programs and services can encompass a wide variety of needs, from skills building, employment search, health, and various social issues such as helping women move from a situation of dependency and isolation. These programs also help women in overcoming various barriers such as economic, health, legal, and culture.

One major agency in Toronto is the YWCA, a charitable organization that helps improve the lives of women and girls. Other agencies such as COSTI and CICS offer women-based programming and services to newcomers. Many of these organizations serve major ethnic populations and can provide services in multiple languages. You can also find neighbourhood-based women services, such as the Rexdale Women’s Centre and the Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre. There are also agencies tailored specifically to a particular ethnic group, such as the Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto for the Latin population, Chinese Family Services of Ontario, and the South Asian Women’s Centre just to name a few.

For additional information, we suggest you take a look at the Yellow Pages listing for women services as well as visit your local community centre.

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